''Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse''

The goal of the project “Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse” is to support the Government of Georgia by the United Nations (UN Women) Women’s Organization through prevention of violence and sexual abuse in the family, protection of victims / affected, strengthening of mechanisms of support and rehabilitation.

The duration of the project is 5 years.

The full budget of the project: USD 200,000


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Establishment of service standards for victims of sexual abuse;
  • Raising the qualification of the State Fund employees through training on sexual abuse issues;
  • Providing a crisis center for victims / affected / alleged victims with household furniture / equipment, office furniture / equipment and vehicles;
  • Provision of qualification trainings for the employees of the state fund (employees of the shelters, the Crisis Center and the hotline).
  • Improvement of the material-technical base of hotline;
  • Editing / creating the web-site of the state fund;
  • Conducting information campaigns for prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse.


The activities envisioned by the project are:

  • Finding and selecting and hiring 2 local experts for developing a service standard document for the victims of sexual abuse and creation of training-module;
  • Conducting trainings (on sexual abuse issues) based on the standard document and training modules developed by local experts for the employees of the Foundation (employees of the shelter of victims of domestic violence, the Crisis Center and the hotline);
  • Provision of trainings on issues of domestic violence for employees of the State Fund (for the shelter of victims of the victims of the family, the crisis center and the hot line);
  • Carrying out relevant measures to equip the Crisis Center with furniture and appliances, office furniture and equipment and also for purchase of a vehicle;
  • Establishment of electronic system of monitoring to improve the material-technical base of hotline (116 006 on issues of domestic violence), as well as establishment of a conference-mode system;
  • Editing / creation of a web site of the Foundation for promoting the activities of the Foundation and increasing the public awareness;
  • Conducting awareness campaigns across the country to prevent violence and sexual abuse in the family.