Boarding Houses for Persons with Disabilities

Dzevri Boarding House for Persons with Disabilities

Adult persons with disabilities (mental disorders (F70.1, F70.8, F70.9, F71.1, 71.8, 71.9, F72.0, F72.1, F72.8, F72.9, F73.0, F73.1, F73.8, F73.9) as well as adult persons having a status of clearly and significantly restricted capacities due to other mental disorders, shall be subject to enrollment in Dzevri Boarding House for Persons with Disabilities;

To enroll in a boarding house a person should apply to the Social Services Agency. The Regional Council (Social Service Agency, as the Advisory Body of Guardianship and Care Authority), makes decision on the enrollment matters

In addition to placement of a person in the boarding house for persons with disabilities, the Regional Council makes a decision on placing a person with full state financing / co-financing / without financing.


Persons are not eligible for enrollment in a boarding house in case they have:

  • Acute infectious disease;
  • Active form of tuberculosis;
  • Active syphilis;
  • Contagious skin disease;
  • Open form of brain and spinal hernia;
  • Acute diseases of central nervous system;


Dzevri Boarding House for Persons with Disabilities provides:

  1. a) Daily services for beneficiaries;
  2. b) Daily four-time meal;
  3. c) Promoting beneficiary’s education;
  4. d) Promoting healthy lifestyle and development of practical household abilities;
  5. e) Primary medical care, treatment and rehabilitation measures and if required, organization of outpatient and inpatient medical service.
  6. f) Psychologist services;
  7. g) Any activities that promote a complete development of the beneficiary.