Children's House

Kojori Disabled Children’s House

Disabled children without parental care from 6 to 18 years of age are subjected to placement/ enrollment in Kojori Disabled Children’s House.

The Regional Council (Social Service Agency, as the Advisory Body of Guardianship and Care Authority), makes decision on enrollment of a child in a children’s house.

The services provided in the Children's House are fully financed by the state.

Children not eligible for enrollment in children’s home. Namely children with:

  • Acute infectious disease;
  • Active form of tuberculosis;
  • Active syphilis;
  • Contagious skin disease;
  • Open form of brain and spinal hernia;
  • Acute diseases of central nervous system;


Kojori Disabled Children’s House provides:

  1. a) Daily services for beneficiaries;
  2. b) Daily four-time meal;
  3. c) Promoting beneficiary’s education;
  4. d) Promoting healthy lifestyle and development of practical household abilities;
  5. e) Primary medical care, treatment and rehabilitation measures and if required, organization of outpatient and inpatient medical service.
  6. f) Psychologist services;
  7. g) Any activities that promote a complete development of the beneficiary.